DRONE UY | Spin off-foundation

We founded and leaded DroneUy for several years as a spin-off of a Software Factory. In 2018 we designed and prototype an innovative robotic product for agriculture analys: AgroSamplingDron. In 2021 Drone Uy received the second seed capital investments from the National Innovation and Investigation Agency from Uruguay and in 2022 it gained the first commercial permission to cargo drone flights in the country.

Drone Uy


DroneUy is a Uruguayan startup founded in 2016 as a spin-off of Sandiego. Rapidly they became specialists in robotics prototyping and were integrated as part of Sinergia Tech incubator in Uruguay founding also a Drone Academy with national certification as VANT´s Operators. In 2018 they were selected to the AgTech Acceleration Program of Nxtp.Labs LATAM and won the pitch competition in Uruguay with the robotic prototype sampling for barley crops. In 2020 they received the first seed capital from the Innovation and Investigation Agency and the startup became a Drone Cargo Company. Nowadays they are running the second seed capital and the first private fundraising rounds.

Spin off-foundation

Drone uy